Best 20 Digital Marketing Interview Questions

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As a high growth of the brand, Digital Marketing offers good job opportunities. So today we are brought Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers 2020 for you all.

Candidates looking for managerial or executive Digital Marketing jobs will face an interview in which their depth of technical knowledge will be tested now we will help to clear your interview with Digital Marketing Interview Questions 2020.

They have to answer Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers with confidence and ingenuity. Here we will discuss some of the Best Digital Marketing Interview Question and Answer which are commonly asked in job interviews.

Nowadays brands have to bear additional responsibilities like SEO, SMO, Social Media Strategy, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Website Design, etc. This will be an opportunity for digital marketers.

Companies conducting business operations cannot miss quality time for ways to engage audiences in the ever-changing online market. So by seeing increasing carriers in digital marketing you must know about Digital Marketing Interview Questions.

This is where digital marketers, who are trained professionals, do an amazing job. They not only reduce business costs compared to traditional marketing techniques but also identify and prioritize key performance indicators (KPIs) with audience tracking.

Digital marketers assist companies to make data-driven decisions to optimize customer experience to ensure high ROI. Here we look at some relevant Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers which helps to crack interview it with confidence.

Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers 2020

1. What is Digital Marketing?

🔵 Digital marketing can be defined as the sum of all brand marketing strategies that occur through online channels. These include techniques like SEO, SEM, Link Building, Email Marketing, PPC, etc. to mention a few.

Digital marketing is a source through which we can promote or sell any product or service our product online with easy steps.

2. What are the segments of digital marketing?

🔵 There are two main segments in Digital Marketing. They are inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

In the case of inbound marketing, social media, newsletters, e-books, and webinars are used to increase the number of clicks on links i.e. PPC.

Outbound marketing is an outreach effort to connect with potential buyers through digital platforms, phone calls, emails, and engaging advertisements.

3. What are the benefits of Digital Marketing?

🔵 There are a lot of benefit of digital marketing some of them are given below:-

🚀It is inexpensive
🚀It will ensure high conversion rates
🚀It is economical.
🚀Increases brand credibility.
🚀More and more people can be reached all over the world.
🚀It is easy to get advice and feedback from the customer.
🚀Targeting is easy – if you want, you can show ads to only those people who are your potential customers.
🚀Is convenient.

4. What is PPC?

🔵 Pay per click (PPC), also known as cost per click, is paid to the advertiser to the website owner or publisher when the ad is clicked.

Digital Marketing Interview Questions for Beginners

5. What are SEO and the role of keywords in SEO?

🔵 In Digital Marketing, search engine optimization or SEO attempts to increase website traffic and quality of page through organic search engine results.

Digital marketers use Keywords for user convenience to find specific information on search engines. For better SEO ranking, it is important to use the right Keyword. Applying Keyword to the right place in the content will also reflect the ranking on the site.

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6. How many types of keywords?

🔵 Generic Keyword: – Generic keywords are being searched by people who already know about your business, Generic keywords help people to find your business when they have not yet chosen a specific brand or company. Generic keywords are searchable or identifiable words with relatively broad meanings. Generic keywords cover a wide range of subtopics – they have a lot of search traffic, and are very competitive as a result.

Short Tail Keyword: – Short tail keywords are broad phrases that people use in search engines, which contain only one or two words. Short tail keywords are search phrases with only one or two words.

Long Tail Keyword: – Long-tail keywords are three and four keyword phrases that are very specific, long-tail keyword phrases are longer.  Long-tail keywords are multi-word phrases (often at least 3 words) that have very little competition. They are often highly accurate and have a high level of business intent.

7. What are On-Page and Off-Page Optimization?

🔵 On-page optimization manages the content and structure of a website. This is in contrast to page optimization aimed at improving search engine rankings by obtaining external links.

After doing Blog Post on-page SEO comes Off-page SEO, which is optimized in the external public. Like social media, guest posts, form submission, commenting, google plus, Facebook, ping, backlink come under it. In simple language off-page, SEO means ranking website using link building.

8. What is the difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO practices?

🔵 White hat SEO practices are ways to achieve high rankings in search engine result pages by following Google guidelines.
Common white hat SEO techniques include publishing quality content on the website, HTML optimization and reorganization of the website, and link acquisition campaigns.

Black hat SEO tries to take advantage of weaknesses in Google’s algorithms to earn higher rankings in search engine result pages. Techniques include spam links, hidden text, keyword stuffing, and hidden links.

9. Why is Online Marketing a bigger priority than Offline Marketing?

🔵 Digital marketing offers many benefits. SEO, web development, and hosting are the most useful platforms for online marketing.

They offer a huge range of leads. They can reach a large number of people easily through online marketing. This is made easier because technological development is forcing more people into the online world. People are watching newspapers, radio or TV for information and they like the online world.

Digital Marketing Interview Questions for intermediate

10. What does Keyword Streaming mean?

🔵 Keyword Streaming is the process of analyzing keywords to choose the best Keyword to get good organic traffic and leads for the website.

11. How to define Bad Links?

🔵 Bad links are website links that do not belong to a site’s domain. These will have low page rank and low traffic.

They can be people from spam links and link exchanges that have similar anchor text coming from many websites and also links that are not compiled in the Google index.

12. What are the best ways to get Natural Backlinks on a site?

🔵 For a newly launched website, the chances of getting a fast and natural link are zero. The best way to get a Natural Backlinks is to guest post on reputable websites in a particular niche.

13. Mention some areas where keyword optimization is done?

🔵 According to your niche, you have to place your specific keywords which helps for better ranking. They include the following areas.

🚀Website Title
🚀Meta tag
🚀Website URL
🚀Web page content

14. Why is competitive analysis important in SEO?

🔵 Competitive analysis is important in formulating a marketing plan. This helps in identifying the competitors and aligning them with the strengths and weaknesses of the website in question.

Evaluation can establish the correct USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of the website and take the message directly to the target market.

Digital Marketing Interview Questions for Expert

15. Explain Google Adword?

🔵 Google advertising is most successful on the term work per click model (PPC) advertising system. Using Adword businesses can create ads that can be displayed on Google.

16. Mention some ways to promote Digital Marketing?

🔵 You can promote your website or brand in many ways some are given below:

🚀Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
🚀Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
🚀Content Marketing
🚀E-commerce Marketing
🚀Social media marketing
🚀Email Marketing
🚀Name some channels to promote Digital Marketing?
🚀Affiliated Marketing
🚀Display marketing
🚀Email Marketing
🚀Search Marketing
🚀Social networking
🚀Video Advertising
🚀Online PR

17. What is a Search Engine website?

🔵 A website that is able to adjust its layout according to the orientation and viewport of a device. In a responsive website, the content will be the same on small screens and big screens. Only the layout will be different. But it will provide optimum experience on display size.

18. Some Digital Marketing tools?

🔵 Some of important tools used in digital marketing are given below

🚀Google Analytics
🚀Search console
🚀Keyword Discovery
🚀Alexa Ranking
🚀XML Sitemap Generator

19. Describe the difference between direct marketing and branding?

🔵 In branding, an advertiser exposes their brand to a wider audience through an outreach application. Popular methods include Custom Ads, YouTube Ads, Remarketing, and Display Target Ads.

In direct marketing, the advertiser wants more communication with its target audience through campaigns such as shopping advertisements, dynamic search ads, and others.

20. What is Google Adword Remarketing?

🔵 Google Adword Remarketing is the process of targeting people who have visited a site before, yet no purchase has been made. Remarketing targets the right person with the right advertisements.

21. How is Digital Marketing certification important?

🔵 Digital Marketing certification enhances authority with a clear rating of domain expertise at a professional level. It establishes knowledge and skill levels for Digital Marketing. For professionals, it is very useful in getting employment in reputed and highly professional organizations.


I hope you all get brief knowledge and explanation regarding Digital Marketing Interview Questions which really helps to crack your entrance exam or interview.

So, all these Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers 2020 will give you assurance and help you in taking the call to choose the company you wish to join.

Show love and support to this article so that in future we will bring you a lot of articles related to interview questions and answers like Digital Marketing Interview Questions 2020.

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