Genuine Difference Between SMO And SMM In 2020

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Difference between SMO and SMM everyone heard about this but no one knows the actual difference between SMO and SMM. Today in this article we are going to discuss these two terms in detail.

Whenever we talk about digital marketing, social media definitely comes into our mind. Through this, you can increase the branding and visibility of yourself and your company.

SMO and SMM are quite popular techniques in social media. Most people get confused too and always want to know the difference between SMO and SMM.

We will briefly explain the definition and difference between SMO and SMM in our article. SO stay in contact with BloggingSlogging and read this article completely for good knowledge of SMO and SMM.

Difference between SMO and SMM

Let us discuss one by one in very simple language so that everyone can get helpful information about the difference between SMO and SMM. Definition of both SMO and SMM are given below:-

What is SMO?

Smo full form Social Media Optimization.

Within the SMO, you prepare your website so that it can be shared on as many social media platforms as possible and helps to improve your branding reach and engagement.

In this, we optimize our social media pages in such a way so that more and more engagements, comments, likes, etc. can come in it. If you know about on-page SEO then this is the same thing that is done on social media which is the main difference between SMO and SMM.

It is a part of internet marketing. Social media optimization (SMO in digital marketing) is a process through which people get aware of a product, brand, or event.

Social media optimization involves two basic steps: the first step is to create shareable content and the second one is using social sharing tools and platforms so that more people can connect and share it.

How to do SMO?

There are some basic rules of social media optimization, by adopting which you will be able to optimize your social media page, group or post well: –

Writing a good BIO – Your profile bio is the first thing that people read. Try to keep it attractive and to the points.

Using Good Hashtags – Every social media platform has its own hashtags and the way to use it is also different. In some platforms like Instagram, you can use 30 hashtags, whereas in platforms like twitter you can use 2-5 hashtags. So research different hashtags for each platform.

Using HD images – the image you are using is not clear, and then people will not come on it. Try to use high-quality images that attract the vision of people.

The image most filled with information, the more people will like the picture. This will increase your reach and visibility.

Replying to the comments – This is really important but people often forget this. It is your job to answer all the people who comment on your picture. By not doing so, people will gradually leave your platform.

Giving accurate information to people – Always try that whatever information you are sharing is your personal experience or full prove. By giving the wrong information to your public, people will get confused and leave your platform.

What is SMM?

The full form of SMM = Social Media Marketing.

Social media marketing (SMM) is a part of digital marketing, in which you promote your brand awareness and product. Social media marketing involves a lot of activities like posting text, image video infographics, etc. You can promote your content in any way.

That is, if we say in simple language, on social sites, whatever strategy we apply to promote our blog, brand or product is called social media marketing.

How to do SMM?

If SMM is been explained then there is a long term plan where a lot of strategies, research, and experiments have to be done. You can use some steps to do this and you will know the main difference between SMO and SMM: –

Competitor’s research – Competitor analysis is a very important role in social media marketing. Knowing the competition, you can prepare the best plan for yourself. From this, it will be known that what kind of post is going on in the market and what is not.

Content Strategy – After going to your competition, the second important step is to prepare a content strategy for yourself. Prepare a detailed strategy for the kind of content or posts that are running.

Social Media Content Calendar – It is very important to have a social media calendar. You can plan for this whole month and put it together. In this way, you will be able to spend your precious time in some other work. Planning content every day can become a daunting task. You can also schedule your content using some tools like Hootsuite and Buffer. This way you can save more time.

Engaging with Audience – Talking with your public is a very important step. Whenever you do social media, many people will ask you questions. Your task is to answer them accurately and satisfying.
People will trust you by doing this and whenever you put some new content, more and more people will interact. It is a time-consuming task but it is very beneficial in the long term.

Checking Right Matrix – Often people make the mistake that they start to analyze the wrong things. As many people start happy by analyzing likes and reach.

Whereas they should target how much traffic, how many sales, etc. happened on their website through social media. Our main objective is not to bring more likes or comments but to sell our own. Keep this thing in mind always. Hope your doubt regarding the difference between SMO and SMM get clear.

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Where SMO is done on the website and social media platform, the same SMM is a medium to promote its social media channel outside. SMO is the on-page of social media; like SMM is linking it to off-page this is the difference between SMO and SMM.

Both of them have their own importance if you do the wrong analysis, then you will not get good results. Therefore, it is important to do both together and by making strategies. This will save you both time and effort.

If you like this article on the difference between SMO and SMM, then share it with your friends and also comment your query below I will reply to the entire question.

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