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Best engine oil for car you must know

Engine oil is a lubricant used in motor vehicle engines. The choice of the best engine oil for car also becomes important for long-lasting vehicles. When the gear inside the engine & other cooler parts are moving, they become hot due to rubbing together, so it is very important to cool them. That is why engine oil is used here.

How to choose the best engine oil for car. Here we are giving you all the information related to this important question.

What does engine oil do?

Engine Oil increases the life of the engine of any vehicle. In addition, at higher temperatures, the engine parts are kept smooth through lubrication. This reduces friction in different parts of the engine.

Engine oil is also helpful in reducing the temperature of a vehicle’s engine and keeping it cool. Along with this, oil also cleans the carbon and dirt that has accumulated in the engine. So it is necessary to select the best engine oil for car.

How to choose best engine oil for car

Engine oil should be selected according to the model of the vehicle. In the long run, the engine’s age, performance, and safety are determined by the engine oil. The technology of the engine has changed over time. Therefore, automobile companies decide the best engine oil for car based on the engine capacity of the car. There is separate engine oil for petrol engines and diesel engines.

How to choose the best engine oil for your car. The first honest step to answer this question is quite simple, and that is to read the car manual. Use the same engine oil that the automobile company has suggested to use for your car.

Best engine oil for car

Mobil 1 0W-40 API SN Advanced Full Synthetic Engine Oil (4L)

About this item

♦️Meets or exceeds the latest OEM and industry approvals
♦️Chosen for factory fill in many of the world’s finest vehicles
♦️Overall performance
♦️Has excellent low-temperature capabilities for rapid engine protection at start-up
♦️Has enhanced frictional properties that aid fuel economy
♦️Delivers fast protection for reduced engine wear and deposits even in the most extreme driving conditions
♦️Provides exceptional cleaning power for dirty engines.

Top reviews by buyers

Eric wanger

Guys got this oil two months back for my ford Figo and believe me it’s amazing .super-smooth engine especially clutch and the way engine picks up actually glides quick cold .drove the car continuously for higher speed yet without any lag or cheat up issues. Engine kind of lost its noise. Couldn’t hear the engine sound inside the cabin. Though it’s expensive being synthetic really the best engine oil for car.

Shantaram Bhikaji shelar

0W40 Mobil is a good fully synthetic engine oil. I have used 0W40 Mobil fully synthetic engine oil for my Maruti SX4 ZDI Diesel car after using this engine oil engine’s noise is reduce just like a petrol car. The only manufacturing date was October 2017. That was old stock. But the pot life of oil was five years hence I used oil for my car. I am requesting the supplier & Amazon to check the date of stock before sending the product to the customer.

How Engine Oil is made?

Engine oil is made from crude oil. Crude means crude oil which is extracted directly from the earth through mines and mines. So like other oils and fruits, this engine oil is also made from crude oil. After this, you will know that crude oil is distilled and then refined from which different types of oils are made, from which kerosene oil to diesel, petrol is made. In the same way, engine oil is also made from it.

What is the type of engine oil?

So, friends, you must also know what type of engine oil it is. So here we tell you that there are many types of engine oil, but here we will mainly talk about four types of engine oil. Which are as follows –

# Mineral Engine Oil

Mineral engine oil is the most common type and common type of engine oil. It is used for the general car. Such mineral oil is not used in heavy engines.

# Synthetic Engine Oil

Synthetic engine oil is chemically engineered. It is professionally purified and its molecules are in good shape, so it is used for good and heavy engines, its performance is better than mineral.

# Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil

It is a kind of mixed oil, half of it is mineral oil and half of which is synthetic. It is made by mixing, so it has properties of both and it gives good performance.

# High-Mileage Oil

As you will know from the name itself, its work is for good mileage. Sometimes it is also used for large vehicles which are outdated and quite large. Additives etc. are added to this engine oil.

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Final Words

There is a mountain of information to know about various best engine oil for car. Hope you all get huge knowledge from this article based on the topic of best engine oil for car. If you like this blog please share it with your friends and family.

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