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Hello friends, welcome to BloggingSlogging. Today, we have brought information for you, which is about Pinging Sites. If you are a blogger, then you must know about Ping Submission.

Then of course many questions will also arise in your mind like, what is website ping, what is the benefit of ping submission sites? Today we will clear all your doubts regarding ping submission sites, after reading this post you will completely know about sites Pinging.

When you create a new Blog and Backlinks in the initial phase, the biggest problem is that the article, as well as Backlinks created for the specific posts, does not index quickly in GOOGLE, and this problem happens with every blogger and solution is pinging sites.

What is Pinging Sites?

Pinging has been given different definitions by different bloggers and at the same time some bloggers have also described it as useless, so let me tell you that I use it personally and consider it very useful.

If you use ping submission and when you post your articles, it sends signals to search engines that new content has been updated on the blog and this causes your content to be indexed fast in search engines.

If you do not use the ping submission on your site but regularly update the content on your blog or website and share it on social media sites. This will let the search engines know about your post but it will take a lot of time.

You can also ping your backlinks on different ping submission sites list so that your backlinks will get easily index and help your articles to rank on top of Google.

What are the benefits of Pinging Sites?

Updating to Google: –

These pings return feedback to Google when you ping a URL so that it means you are asking the search engines to visit your site because new information has been found on your website.

Post to be indexed quickly: –

When we have to index any post in Google quickly, we mostly fetch as goggles by going to the post URL in the search console.
But it does not have much effect sometime, but with the help of ping submission, we can get the post indexed quickly. As well as we get high-quality do-follow backlinks which help for blog ranking.

Get Backlinks: –

If you are a blogger, then you must hear about the importance backlinks in 2020, Backlinks helps our blog post to ranked at Google easily within a certain period of time. With this, our articles get a good position on the search results.

Backlinks play an important role to rank your post at Google. If your site does not the content quality of backlinks it is very difficult to rank so you have to make quality do-follow backlinks so that you can beat your competitors.

But from website ping, you also get backlinks of a high quality due to which help our website to increase its DA and PA so that your website can easily be ranked at the top of Google.

Traffic is received: –

We also get good traffic from many blog pinging sites, how? I will tell you about it that these are the sites that save the link of the blog and show its title in Google.

And when the link is opened by a visitor then Visitor comes to our blog, this gives us traffic and backlinks as well.

Website Pinging Sites List

Example of Pinging Sites


pinging sites

Through this website where you can ping your article and backlinks

Step 1: For this, you can write the title of your article in Blog name.

Step 2: Copy the URL of your blog and paste in the Blog home page section.

Step 3: The section of the RSS URL will be empty.

Step 4: Checkmark all the given sites and then simply submit your ping.

In this way, you have to submit your link in the above-given ping submission sites. For more information about this, you can watch videos on YouTube, and understand how can we do blog pinging.

Final Words

In a way, whenever you publish new articles on your blog or website and then submit it to the search engine through Google search console and free web submission. Also, you must PING it on the ping submission site list 2020.

You can easily beat your competitors if your blog post and backlinks are indexes quickly. At last, this will improve Ranking in your SERPs and improve the Visibility of your Search Engine.

And we all know that if our posts rank higher then we will get Maximum Organic Traffic, Which increases the Authority, Ranking and Trust flow of our Site

Friends, I hope that you have understood about website pinging sites, if you have any thoughts about ping submission, then you can comment below. We will continue to bring good information for you even further. If you like this post, then give it a little time and share it on social media.

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