Complete 30+ Operating System MCQs

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Here we are going to tell you 35 operating system MCQs questions and their answers which every employer asks the candidate in interview and entrance exam.

The way to get any job is through interviews. If you do not give the right answers to all the questions in the interview, then it is difficult to get a job.
So let’s know about those operating system MCQs, if you give the right answers, the chances of getting jobs are increased.

I have given some important operating system MCQs here which can prove very useful in competitive exams

30+ operating system MCQs

1: – Which of the below is not an operating system?


2: – What is the maximum length of the filename in DOS?


3: – When was the first operating system developed?


4: – When was the MS Windows operating system proposed?


5: – Which of the following is the extension of Notepad?


6: – What else is the command interpreter called?


7: – Swap the page in the main memory only when it is needed-

🔹demand paging

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Operating System MCQs

8: – What is the full name of FAT?

🔹File attribute table
🔹File allocation table
🔹Font attribute table
🔹Format allocation table

9: – BIOS is used-

🔹By operating system
🔹By compiler
🔹By interpreter
🔹By application software

10: – Booting means

🔹Restarting computer
🔹Install the program
🔹to scan
🔹to turn off

11: – When does page fault occur?

🔹When the page is present in the memory.
🔹When the deadlock occurs.
🔹When the page does not exist in memory
🔹When buffering occurs.

12: – bank difference algorithm is used.

🔹To prevent deadlock
🔹For deadlock recovery
🔹To solve the deadlock
🔹None of these

13: – After deleting the file, where is it stored?

🔹In recycle bin
🔹In hard disk
🔹In the taskbar

14: – Linux operating system-

🔹None of these

Best Operating System MCQs

15: – The full name of DSM is-

🔹Direct system module
🔹Direct system memory
🔹Demoralized system memory
🔹Distributed shared memory

16: – IDL Full Name

🔹Interface definition language
🔹Interface direct language
🔹Interface definition language
🔹Interface data library

17: – What is bootstrapping called?

🔹Cold boot
🔹Hot boot
🔹Cold hot boot
🔹Cold hot strap

18: – The fence register is used-

🔹For disk protection
🔹Cup for protection
🔹For memory protection
🔹None of these

19: – If the size of the page increases, then internal fragmentation

🔹Gets more
🔹Gets reduced
🔹Remains constant.
🔹None of these

20: – Which of the following is a single-user operating system?

🔹None of these

21: – The size of virtual memory is based on which of the following?

🔹address bus
🔹data bus

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MCQ on Operating System

22: – memory allocation which comes under external fragmentation-

🔹Demand paging
🔹None of these

23: – Which of the following is not an application software-

🔹Windows 7

24: – Which of the following supports Windows 64 bit-

🔹Windows XP
🔹Windows 2000
🔹Windows 98
🔹Windows 95

25: – Which of the following windows does not have start button-

🔹Windows 7
🔹Windows 8
🔹Windows XP
🔹None of these

26: – Which of the following operating systems does not support more than one program at a time.


27: – Which of the following is the condition that causes deadlock.

🔹Mutual exclusion
🔹Hold and wait
🔹Circular wait
🔹No preemption
🔹All these

28: – By whom is the interface provided to access the services of the operating system?

🔹System call
🔹Assembly instruction

More Operating System MCQs

29: – Which of the following gives short term scheduler control of CPU to select process.

🔹None of these

30: – The processes which are ready to execute and wait. Where are they placed on the list?

🔹Job queue
🔹Ready queue
🔹Execution queue
🔹Process queue

31: – Which of the following is the algorithm in which CPU is allocated first to the process whose request comes first?

🔹shortest scheduling
🔹priority scheduling
🔹First come, first serve to schedule
🔹None of these

32: – Who among the following can block the running process-

🔹All these

33: – FCFS algorithm is-

🔹These two
🔹None of these

34: – Which of the following does not interrupt the running process-

🔹Timer interrupt
🔹Power failure
🔹Scheduling process

The answer to Operating system MCQs:-

✔️ oracle
✔️ 8
✔️ in the 1950s
✔️ 1995
✔️. txt
✔️ shell
✔️ demand paging
✔️ file allocation table
✔️ By operating system
✔️ Restart computer
✔️ When the page is not present in the memory.
✔️ To prevent deadlock
✔️ recycle bin
✔️ open source
✔️ distributed shared memory
✔️ interface definition language
✔️ cold boot
✔️ For memory protection
✔️ Gets more
✔️ Ms-dos
✔️ address bus
✔️ segmentation
✔️Windows 7
✔️ Windows XP
✔️ Windows 8
✔️ DOS
✔️ All these
✔️ system call
✔️ dispatcher
✔️ Ready queue
✔️ First come first serve to schedule
✔️ All these
✔️ Nonpreemptive
✔️ Device


The above questions are such that they are often asked in operating system MCQs. If you prepare the answers to all the questions given above, your chances of being successful in your interview will increase by 99%.

So before going to any operating system interview, prepare the answers to these questions MCQ on operating system. You should practice answering these questions daily by standing in front of the glass so that your confidence is increased because body language interviews play a very big role.

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